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Liquid foil adhesive

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Deco Foil Liquid Adhesive is a permanent transfer adhesive that works on fabric, paper and other porous surfaces.

Use with with our foils to quickly and easily add a foil finish to your project!

Step 1 - To apply, hold bottle at a 45-degree angle and squeeze with gentle, steady pressure. Adhesive will appear cloudy when applied.

Step 2 - Let adhesive dry. Dry time approximately 1-2 hours depending on amount of adhesive applied.

Step 3 - Once dry, place foil, color side facing up, on top of adhesive design.

Step 4 - To transfer foil, rub foil with finger or soft cloth using medium pressure over adhesive design. Slowly peel foil sheet away from adhesive. Repeat as necessary.

Washing Instructions: Hand wash and lay flat to dry is recommended. If needed, machine wash on cold, delicate cycle. No Dryer and  Do Not Iron over foil design.