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Pentart Transparent Fineline Crackle Varnish 2 part System

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Two component crackle varnish to create very fineline cracks, like the ones on an old porcelain. Apply component 1 in an even layer and let it dry completely. Then spread component 2. The depth and the network of the cracks depends on the thickness of the layer and on the technique of the application. The layer will dry transparent but not waterproof. Highlight the cracks with a dark Paste  then seal your project with solvent-based varnish.

some tips and trips

1.When you apply first step it should be at least 1.5mm thick, the thicker it is the more visible cracks you'll have.

 2. let first component to dry for more than 2 -3 hours it is a very good probability that the cracks won't show up anymore. 

3. the object you are decorating it's going to regain the transparency you can start applying the second step, the best test is that when you run your fingers gently on the surface and it's squeaks it is ready, but run your fingers gently on the surface, but only after is transparent.

4. when you apply the second component you HAVE to spread it evenly using circular motion 

5. If you use a hairdryer set up on a high temperature it will help cracks to show up quickly.

6. Please use solvent based varnish, because if you use an water based varnish it will ruin your work as soon as you start to apply it on the surface. spray solvent varnish  like marine varnish.

7. apply varnish only after 24 hours.