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Pentart mirror mist for Glass 10 ml

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Shake well the bottle before applying and then spray the paint evenly from 15 cm on the clean, degreased surface and let it dry. Apply one more layer, if necessary. For protection - after it is completely dried (about 3 hours) - spray a thin layer of Pentart Protecting mist and when it becomes dried apply black matte acrylic paint using sponge brush. Store in upright position!


Pentart Mirror Mist is a solvent-based, spray-on paint medium that creates a mirror effect on glass. The Pentart quick video below is very helpful and demonstrates how to create easy projects with step-by-step instructions on how to use Mirror Mist for Glass. 

Project Ideas:

Create a mirror effect using glass. Use clear glass ornaments, glass discs, recycled glass from old picture frames. Stencil with Mirror Mist and create a mirror effect design on your projects. 

Contents of Package:

  • One 10 mL bottle of Mirror Mist
  • Cap or lid for sealing
  • Spray pump nozzle 
  • Instruction insert.