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Pentart Express Transfer Solution - 20 ml

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Pentart Express Transfer Solution works with laser printed designs in black & white or coloured great for smooth surfaces. It works on many surfaces textiles, silk, mdf, card and much more...

Transfer solution easily transfers laser-printed images to smooth, natural, painted wood, paper surfaces or textile surfaces.


  1. Gently moisten the picture using a cotton swab dipped in the transfer solution.
  2. Rub the picture to the surface with slight pressure using a wooden spatula.
  3. Fix the picture with finishing varnish or by ironing it onto fabric.

Express transfer solution serves for transmission of laser-printed, colored or black and white images to smooth surfaces. It always works well not only on paper, natural wood or painted surfaces but also on silk or textile as well. It is easy to use and it works very quickly: first gently soak the paper with the printed picture fixed to the surface. Thoroughly rub the whole pattern with slight pressure using a wooden spatula. Finally, remove the paper and fix the picture by lacquering or by ironing it on textile.