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Pentart Decoupage Glue and Varnish, Textile, for Fabrics Size: 100 ml

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This product is a water-based decoupage glue and varnish in one which spreads evenly for use with textiles, fabrics. For example: you can decoupage rice paper onto drop cloth fabric, cotton canvas pillow cover or a canvas tote bag using this decoupage glue and varnish for textiles. 

How to apply:

  • Brush on Pentart Decoupage Glue and Varnish for Textiles onto your fabric. 
  • Apply your decoupage paper, napkin or other decoupage paper medium onto the brushed-on glue. 
  • Rub over your decoupage paper with plastic wrap covered fingers until your decoupage paper achieves a bit of transparency. Let dry.
  • Apply another coat of Decoupage Glue and Varnish for Textiles onto your design. Let dry.
  • Heat set your design with an iron on cotton heat setting and iron on the underside of your fabric--or inside out--for about 30 seconds. Do not iron directly on the top of your design. 
  • Now you can embellish your design. Stencil with fabric paint, apply wax color pastes and more.