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Epoxy Resin

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Food-Safe, Non-Yellowing Resin for Creators

 Tumblers Coating Epoxy was formulated to meet the unique needs of creators. It is  easy to work with, delivers an ultra-premium glass-like finish, is scratch-resistant, and UV stable so it won't yellow and ruin your work! If that weren't enough, 

  • Food Safe & Odor-Free: formulated Tumblers Coating Epoxy with 100% food-safe, FDA-compliant ingredients and made sure that it is odor-free with virtually no VOCs. 
  • Gorgeous Glass-Like Finish: clear glass-like finish. Mixes so smoothly that bubbles disappear! 
  • Easy 1:1 Mixing Ratio: Simply mix equal parts resin and hardener to get the volume your project needs.
  • Fast Cure & Predictable Working Time:  has a working time of 40-50 minutes and cures FAST
  • UV Stable, Won't Yellow: epoxy is UV stable, stays crystal clear!

Epoxy Resin is a clear polymer used for coating wood, veneer, metal, stone, painted surfaces, tabletops, bar tops, many other surfaces to give a rich super gloss look and protect from scratching.

The typical pot life of Epoxy Resin is approximately 40-50 minutes based on mass and temperature. The full cure is 24 hours at normal conditions.


Mix this resin 1:1 by volume

Smoothly mix for at least 3-5 minutes until the chemical is clear and free of striations. Allow the mixed components to stand in your mixed cup for at least 5 minutes. This allows for bubbles to rise to the surface. 


This chemical needs to be stored in a dry, safe, temperature-controlled environment. Always keep the lids tightly sealed when not in use. Remember, oxygen and moisture oxidize and can rapidly degrade the epoxy and hardener. Moisture is also a potential issue. Always keep the bottles sealed when not in use.


When applying this product, use gloves, goggles, and proper safety equipment. 

Pro Tips:

 When mixing this product, make sure to use a round cup & mix thoroughly scraping all sides and bottom of the mixing container. Improperly mixed epoxy can create a major headache.

Cold weather slows the curing process down, whereas heat speeds curing up. Always try to mix chemicals at room temperature. For best results, try pouring epoxy into the hardener. Pour along the side of the container to help reduce microbubble creation.

You will receive part A epoxy and part B curing agent (measured by weight), full instructions, 

Mixing Instructions will be included with the kit.




We do not have n stock the 32 fl oz but we can order it for you